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Leuchtend's Socotra Deluxe CS now up for sale for only $8 plus shipping, pre-order today! | Check us out on instagram! @tremoloskies

Mission Statement

Formed in MMXVIII Tremolo Skies seeks to empower independent unique and underground artists and groups. Totally non-profit and 100% pro artist. We provide services for musicians such as management, storefronts, fulfillment, promotion and graphic design entirely free of charge using a method of fan crowd-funding. Our team is small and adaptive to the artists needs and are more like a family than anything. We accept all genres of music but maily focus on the experimental and electronic.


Leuchtend's first physical debut is now in production, you can order it from our site store by reading the buyer's guide. Early Backers (CLOSED) get additional bonuses including a crescent moon holographic sticker and limited edition poster exclusive to the original backers and label contributors! The cassette tapes should arrive in early November and are made by Duplication.CA